Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Bathroom

Instead of updating the First Impressions post, I figured the bathroom deserves a little attention of its own - basking in its own 80's glory.

Note: seeing as my grandparents have been following this in Poland, I decided to try and write a bit in Polish for them... I'm just hoping I'm not completely butchering the language; Saturday afternoon Polish classes in elementary school can only take you so far.

Dla Dziadka i Babci | Zdjecia naszej lazienki w nowym domu.  Widac ze byla wykonczona w latach osiemdziesatych - bardzo duzo czarnego i zlotego!  Lepiej by bylo nie w tych kolorach, ale nie mozemy za bardzo marudzic bo jest ogromna na dom z tego wieku - na pewno moglo byc gorzej!


And no bathroom is complete without a vaulted ceiling!

My towel rack - we can always throw it back to bad taste of the 80's, 
but it seems to me that this stuff  always comes back....

The Kohler Karbon.  I am definitely seeing similarities here.
(To jest nowy kran zrobiony przez Kohlera - wyglada bardzo podobnie do naszego wieszaka na reczniki!)

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