Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Best $4 You'll Ever Spend

Anyone from Hamilton just said "Agreed."

Back in pur-Galt-ory we used to go to Cora for breakfast.  If you've ever been, you know that you usually drive across town, wait for thirty minutes to an hour, eat deliciousness and pay up to $50 in the end!  (Granted, the one time we did spend $50, Tony and I each ordered two meals... we got a little carried away.  To be fair, usually it was more like $30).

Nowadays, living in Harbour West in Hamilton we saunter over to The Harbour Diner, wait about five to ten minutes, eat deliciousness and pay $4 each.  No kidding.  Owners Erin and Chris provide a wonderful atmosphere and food that makes you feel like someone actually cares what you think of it!  Great presentation and complete happiness in my tummy, every time.  Feast, my friends... feast.

For a whopping four dollars, I got

 eggs - poached easy, seasoned home fries, a side of rye toast....

... and a side of tomatoes marinated in a balsamic vinegar.  

For you omnivores out there, instead of the tomatoes you can get a side of country ham, sausage or bacon... or if you're really splurging, for an extra two bucks, you can have all three!

I bet you're all hungry now.  I definitely am.... blast.



  1. Is there anything that I can eat there?! besides the side of tomatoes, that is...

  2. Looks absolutely divine! Your blog is great girl! i am loving it and will definitely visit often. thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I like the idea of a popup window for links like you mentioned? How does one do that? My email is!



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