Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Artist Find: Alexis Anne Mackenzie

I am always amazed at how much inspiration there is out there on the internet.... a web of millions and millions of incredibly talented people, sharing their work.  It's hard not to get inspired, but there the word web is a very aptly chosen one, as each site weaves into the network and connects you to others, which in turn take you on a world wide tour of culture and information.

Recently, while reading a friend's thesis blog - 1000 Hours of Drawing - I followed a link he had displayed and after countless clicks came to Alexis Anne Mackenzie.  She is originally from Michigan and studied at Tufts Univeristy in Boston, MA.  Her description of her work is incredible:

All of my collages are composed by hand - cut from books I've been collecting for years, and painstakingly pieced together as seamlessly as possible. They create themselves through a process beginning with a loose concept, followed by a series of trials and errors, subtle maneuvers, selection/elimination, harmonious unions, and happy accidents. It is a meditative process, and there is a lot of decision-making behind each element involved.

My general intent, throughout all my work, is to portray the world as a flawed thing of beauty - a place that shines brightly, but has a dark side to match.

Here are some of my favourite collages.  In all of these examples, look carefully, because the title of the title of the piece is actually found within the image itself.  I think they are incredible and beautiful, and not despite but even more so because they are poignant and somewhat dark.

It Matters To Me, 2009

Dreaming Is Easy, 2010

Never Be Sad, 2009

Light Moves on the Water, 2010

I definitely know what will be going on my wish list... now if I could only find one for sale...
Check out the rest of Alexis Anne's art on her site.



  1. Aren't they? They are gorgeous - so creative. They make me want to go to a thrift store, sift through some books and start cutting them out!


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