Saturday, August 21, 2010


I love lists.

Seriously, I spend more time making lists than I spend doing the stuff that I actually put on the lists! I have lists for every activity, plan, trip and they're all over the place - in notebooks, on napkins, on excel - colour coordinated, dated. I'm slightly OCD when it comes to lists. But they FEEL so productive!

This weekend Hubs is away for a boys-only camping trip. Lucky. I have spent the last few days painting with my sister, though now she is gone and it's up to me to continue with the momentum!

I thought, since I have this blog, I'll put my list on here and share it with you. Maybe then I'll feel more accountable to actually finishing it!

Done already this weekend:
  • Dining room - painted two coats above chair-rail
  • Dining room - painted one coat on below chair rail
  • Foyer - painted two coats
  • Stair wall - painted two coats up to where we can reach (need really big ladder for the rest)

To do today & tomorrow:
  • Buy paint for dining room
  • Buy a quart of paint for stairwell
  • Paint second coat in dining room below chair rail
  • Dust and wash trim in foyer, dining room, stairway, living room
  • Paint trim
  • Paint living room walls
  • Paint medallions on ceiling in living room
  • Sand and paint banister
  • Spray paint brass hardware on banister black
  • Spray paint remaining towel racks in bathroom black
  • Paint living room light fixtures
  • Cut spruce floor boards to size
  • Patch flooring in master bedroom
  • Tidy kitchen
  • Tidy living room
  • Do laundry
  • Vacuum
  • Have a glass of wine

That should keep me busy.

The paint I am using is Benjamin Moore "Natura" paint, which has been great so far. I will give a full review once this is complete, but the biggest plus so far has been no smell, at all. You can't even tell I've been painting for the last two days because it's zero-voc. Ahhh....


  1. If you're still vertical after doing all that? I'll buy you that glass of wine!

  2. Gah! It almost killed me; my sister had to come save me.

    I'll update with a post, but we did manage to paint the entire living room two coats (needs a third), the stair corridor, and one ceiling medalion. Plus, we repaired the floor upstairs - which was the hardest task.

    Seriously - this house is out to get me! It's just one thing after another.

  3. Lists are quite possibly one of my favorite things, I LOVE them. And on the rare occassion that I check everything off? MAGICAL! :)


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