Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Someone save me from myself

Why on earth I get myself in these situations, I have no idea... and how I get out of them every time is a mystery to me too!!

Here is what has transpired in the last few days, since my last post:

We go to pick up the chaise and it doesn't fit in the car (by 1/2 inch on either side... grrrr). So the next day we rent a pick-up truck. It still ends up being about $40 cheaper than delivery, so sweet deal.

So we pick it up and put it in the room. We don't unpack it b/c we have to get the truck back and get some paint samples (I have the swatch with me)

We spend an hour at Home Depot, (as always) pick out four colour combinations we would like to see downstairs that match the swatch I have with me and get samples of the living room colours from each scheme in little cans so we can see it on the wall.

We get home and unwrap the chaise.

It looks... purple.
Which is strange, because we could have sworn it was a beigey/grey colour in the store.

I switch out all the light bulbs - we still have the original incandescent ones in the living room - to CFLs.

Ahhh.. much better.

We paint four colours on the wall: Decent, Hate it, Don't Like it, Decent-est.

The one we actually liked the most is called Ivory Lace - a warm white. The other colours in this scheme we picked out are a coral colour called Colonial Brick for accents and a dark burgundy/purple for the dining area. We have to work with the chaise that seems to look purple if you put it by some colours and green if you put it by others.

Did I ever tell you that grey is hard to work with??? Because it is.

The latest site I have been using for inspiration is Color-Collective. (When I remember who told me about this, I'll let you know). It's pure genius. Here are some of my favourite colour schemes. Hubs hasn't chimed in on what he thinks just yet.

What do you guys think??  My favourites are the first and last. I do think I will start out with a warm white for the main space and then develop the room based on one of these schemes... slowly, piece by piece.

(Note: the reason we need a new scheme, instead of continuing with this one, is because after my beautiful blue sofa is gone, that scheme will no longer match the furniture... sigh...)


  1. Not to mention that the things colour is called Nolan Steel... who would think that would remotely resemble purple? Ah well... it's not actually purple, it just has some strong undertones that make it look like it.

    Also, I chose the third one down.

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  3. I really love the last two schemes. Definitely what would in MY home! =)


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