Monday, August 30, 2010

Painting Progress

Last I left you guys, I had attempted a journey to finish a list of insane proportions.  Needless to say, I had a minor emotional breakdown and the list didn't get finished.

But, before that happened, some painting did get accomplished.  Most of it is actually finished (apart from the ceilings, an extra coat in the dining room, the front hall closet and one medallion) but I don't have proper photos yet.  I do, however, have some fun progress shots!

So, in regards to paint colours, the last time I was talking about a new colour scheme, due to my older, reliable sofa being replaced but a younger, more attractive piece (sniff).

After much deliberation, it was a completely fluke that helped us decide on a colour scheme. Hubs and I were sitting on the new chaise when we noticed that his shorts (navy with pinstripes), his shirt (a coral coloured t-shirt) and the chaise all looked really nice together! And that was it. My sister came to visit and we went to Benjamin Moore to get our paint!

I'm a huge fan of Aura paints - really low-VOC, virtually no smell and it covers like no paint I've ever used. Two coat guarantee, no matter what colour (even RED).  However, once we got to BM, I saw their "Natura" line. It has no VOCs and doesn't smell.  It doesn't cover quite as well as Aura (because nothing does), but it's available in every possible colour! Now, I'm not sure if you know anything about no-VOC paints, but it's the dark colours that are the most toxic, because the  volatile organic compounds are found in the pigments, themselves.  So, most no-VOC paints I have come across only come in a range of whites and pastels.  BM has managed to create a no-VOC paint that still works with dark colours.   Sometimes, I love technology.

Our colours.

Our first attempt at some colour;
it's amazing how different colours look in the store, on a swatch.

The stairwell colour - no more beige! (Pardon the mess.)

Bye bye baby-tealy-blueish-green.

Oh Danny, what a schmuck!

Ahhh... I love white walls :) BM Marble White & BM Colonial Brick. The brick colour is very surprising. Sometimes it looks a little pink, other times or orange or even a dark red. I love how it changes with the light - it makes the space so dynamic.

Every day we find proof of idiocy/laziness and getting an idea of what this house looked like at one point. This wall paper in the dining room, dark teal walls and trim in hallway, living room and upstairs, seafoam green carpet.... Serious.

Again!? Seriously, dog.

I know - not that much for you guys to look at in terms of the painted spaces. There will be more of that to come soon. I promise!

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