Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Meet Winston Churchill

Yes, Winston Churchill is an itty-bitty mouse Hubs just caught romping through our living room.  He is currently hanging out under the blender jug.  How CUTE is he??? I sort of want to keep him.  Sort of.

The slightly hilarious part about this was I was just lamenting how there hasn't been much progress in the house for me to post about.   And voila!  Winston Churchill arrives.  How convenient.


  1. I love Winston Churchill...he is so adorable! Ohh, but please don't hurt him. Maybe you could set him free in a woods somewhere.

    Anyway I found your blog on Kelle Hampton's blog and I like it. Take good care of Winston and happy blogging!

  2. Oh, no, we'd never hurt him :)
    We let him go in the park a little ways from our house. There is quite a bit of brush and lots of bunnies and other animals, so I'm sure he'll find some mouse friends!

    Thanks! I should have a few posts coming up of some of our before and afters soon :)

    Isn't Kelle amazing? So inspiring.


    He's too cute to kill. But if you let him out, won't he just come back in?

    Those beady eyes are too much!

  4. Well, we drove him away from the house and to a nearby park. I hope that's far enough... not sure though.

  5. Yay, I'm sure Winston is happy now in his new park home and maybe have found some mouse friends! You sound so kind and compassionate.

    I am such an animal lover, and I rescue animals if I find them in need. I keep our cat carrier in the back of my jeep in case I find a little critter and a shoe box for birds. My children and I won't even kill a spider...we trap and release. We respect all God's creatures.

    Yes, Kelle's blog is so inspirational, I love her photos too.

    Keep me posted on Winston if you happen to see him! Thanks soooo much for letting me know.


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