Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Post I wish more people read....

Day 2 of the SITS Back to Blogging Competition is to post what I wish more people would have read.  This is a post from fairly early on and I don't think I was doing as good a job of promoting my blog at that point.

I wanted more people to pay attention to this post because this sofa is amazing.  Admit it.  You love it.  And don't you dare say "It looks like my grandmother's couch" - and if it does, she has fan-freaking-tastic taste.  Seriously!  It rocks.  PLUS, it perfectly matches the Thelma & Louise washer/dryer combo that is up for grabs in this competition sponsored by Standards of Excellence, Westar Kitchen & Bath, and Florida Builder Appliances. !! (See??).


To the dismay of my husband, the moment I have waited a year for, has finally arrived.  The day I get to find a place in our new home for this…

Introducing: the coolest couch in the history of couches, obtained for free and (besides a tear in one cushion & one broken spring) in incredible condition.

Take it in, folks… take it in.


You have to admit - she's an amazing piece of furniture.  The detail in the fabric and in the wood is beautiful and the survival of the piece is a testament to the quality of its workmanship.  Granted, it's not in everyone's taste, but picture it in a pattern or colour you love, and I dare you to resist.

- a.

Ps.  I lied... I don't actually have a place for it yet.  Due to the chaotic state of the living room, my beautiful sofa moves around from wall to wall, corner to corner, as everything get shuffled every three days or so.  At least it's in the right room (and not the garage)... baby steps.

Now, if you've actually read my posts (HA!) you'll know that I had to compromise on the sofa... I cried a little.  But, the beauty is still here and with the new couch on its way I am brainstorming ideas for what to do with my baby.  Because leaving her on the side of the road is NOT an option.

So far: 
- put her in the bedroom as a lounger- so NOT the colour scheme we are going for.
- put her in the kitchen - let's be honest, nothing matches in there anyway at the moment
- make a WOmen Den in the basement.  To my husband's dismay the basement is six feet tall.. he is 6'1 and I am 5'3 (almost).  Perfect for me, not so perfect for him.  I figure I can take over and make something super amazing down there (and much less creepy than it currently is).

- a.


  1. That couch is L-O-N-G ! I don't think it would even fit in our rooms!

    Stopping by from SITS.

  2. Awesome!! We had a large wingback chair that would have fit in perfect with that couch. It was oh so comfy and loved curling up in it with a good book.


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