Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My first ever post....

Day 1 of an amazing contest - Back to Blogging - that is also meant to hone my blogging skillz.  The first excercise (yesterday's) given by the SITS girls was to repost my first ever post, say what I like about it and what I would do differently a second time around.


What's in a name?

Everything, apparently.  Do you know how hard it is to choose a name for a blog?  To assign it a title that will become associated with you (hopefully) for a long time?  Unbelievable - I have names picked out for my future children (which I'm not even ready to have any time soon) and yet I found it so very difficult to finally settle on a title for a blog.  I've been debating this for months.  Regardless of that, I finally did it, and here it is. 

It is my intention to convey (and combine) two things - my love for design, shaped by a career in architecture and my desire to be a lazy hippie with a vegetable garden and, hopefully, one day a pet goat named Howard.

So welcome to my new project; it will serve as a record for all my other projects - the biggest of which will be... dum dum dum.... our new house! We move into it a week from tomorrow!  I will post on various topics, including our attempts to fix up a 100 year old brick Victorian with a serious 80's decor problem, organic gardening at home and amazing antique finds.  I am an avid photographer and so you can expect many of those as we proceed through this little escapade.

Thanks and welcome!


Okay, so I like the feel of this post.  It's still very similar to how I write now (which isn't surprising as I've only been doing this for three months) and it's very laid back.  I think it's pretty entertaining and somewhat funny - especially the goat.  I'm still serious about the goat, though.  I'd totally love a goat... imagine your own goat cheese??? ugh, amazing.
Anyway, what I would change is that I would definitely put a photo in there... say of a goat. Seriously, who doesn't love a goat.  In fact.. I'm going to do that right now.  So, here is what I hope my future pet, Howard, will look like:

This picture just made my day.  Any time I am sad or upset now, I am going to look at this post.  See how much better this is??? I've learned so much in three months, already!!

So, want to know what the contest is?? GAH! The contest is to win Thelma & Louise - a GORGEOUS (turquoise!) set of Electrolux washer/dryer.  The contest is sponsored by the amazing people at Standards of Excellence, Westar Kitchen & Bath, and Florida Builder Appliances.  Do you want to see how gorgeous these girls are?? I am in love.  Take a look: 

Could these be more me?? Please, answer me that.  I dare you to find a pair that's more me.... ugh. LOVE these two girls.  Come live with me, Thelma and Louise!


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