Friday, September 10, 2010

My ceiling is leaking.

No, this is not a joke.

I am getting very frustrated (understatement of the century) at all the corners the previous owners decided to cut.

How do people set such low standards for themselves??

How can someone live in a house that hasn't been cleaned in years, is missing downspouts, has water pouring into the basement..... and apparently has a leaky pipe under the shower.

This is not what I wanted for my friday - I'm sorry for the uncharacteristic grumpiness of this post!

Now, my friends - make me feel better! Tell me when a 'surprise' in your house took you to the edge and how you got back!


  1. Hate that you're dealing with a leaky ceiling...argh! I haven't dealt with this before but have heard horror stories. At least you have an old house that was more than likely built very sturdy. These days, new houses seem to built with paper.

    Welcome to BF!

  2. That sucks! We've found some really interesting things in our house that previous owners did. It's frustrating, but seems to come with the old house territory.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Awww, that stinks, Ags!

    Well,aside from the copious amounts of caulking that the previous owners used all over our house, or the latex paint they put over top of oil, or the obscene amount of mice poop we found in the cupboards (so thankful we got rid of the old kitchen!), we also found the mold in the hallway, and were unsure of its source or how far it spread! I actually thought bankruptcy was in our future :/, after reading how bad mold can be. Praise God, the damage was limited, but I remember those awful feelings and wondering, 'why oh why, did we buy a house?'. So yes, the first year was rough!

    But we're smooth sailing now...oh wait, there's still the forest that is our yard, and the weird smell coming from the baby room......sigh...I feel your pain. Really.

    But it does get better! Keep pluggin' away! Just watch The Money Pit, you'll feel better, I hope :)It can't be that bad.

  4. Actually you sound a lot like my husband :). He gets frustrated that we cut corners to build bigger, when what we should be doing is building better. I agree!

    Following from BF.

  5. ooh, sorry to hear about your ceiling. yuck! thanks for stopping by my blog. glad to hear you are thinking of starting your own 365 project.

  6. Hey there . . . sorry about your leak. We are having issues with a beam that runs across our vaulted ceiling. It may not have been properly installed and the weight of it keeps causing a crack to appear in our wall no matter how many times we spackle/repaint. We've been told it's cosmetic only (Thank heavens), but it still bugs the mess out of me. LOL! (Did that make you feel a little better?)

  7. Oh Wow, Teri, that's not good. It's just nice to hear so many people going through home reno 'adventures' (for lack of a better word that doesn't include swearing) - it's nice to know we are not the only ones out there going through it. And yes, THANK God for a cosmetic issue... could be so much worse! :S

  8. Thank you everyone for commenting!! :) Nice to have a little 'support group'! haha

  9. Oh that would drive me crazy. I guess I am so worried about those types of issues that has made me "afraid" to buy used. On the plus side you will have a new house by the time you finish fixing everything, right? :)

  10. Tracy - definitely! Baby steps.... :) And unfortunatley, new construction, though technically more advanced, is often not built nearly as sturdy as what already exists! Our hardwood floors are 7/8" thick! I couldn't believe it when I tried to find a piece to fix a patch... it has to be specially milled b/c they don't even make flooring that thick any more.

    It's unfortunate the previous owners didn't take good care of it. There is definitely always a huge risk. Worth it, I think, though :) So much character!


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