Thursday, October 21, 2010

Finnish Blog = Wall Art = Idea!


There is so much inspiration.  Sometimes I am completely overwhelmed at what we are able to 'create'.  Creativity, imagination, inspiration.... I don't know where they come from, but they make life so much better!

And so I love stumbling upon these new creations - wonderful little treasures that make me want to run out of work screaming, grab a paint brush and just paint!

le pre d'eau did that to me today.  This fantastic site popped up on a blog I follow, of which I don't understand a single word.  Keltainen talo rannalla means (I think) 'a yellow house by the sea' in Finnish (another, I think, though this one I'm pretty sure about).  I know, it seems crazy to follow a blog you don't understand, but today's find reminds me exactly why I continue to do so.

Inspired.  That's how this work made me feel.  I even ran the idea past Hubs already and (as long as I don't go overboard, whatever that means) he seems to be okay with the idea of me painting our walls.


Because, let's be honest, as much as I love art, and photographs and vinyl wall stickers, right now I just can't spend the sort of money that it would require to fill our house with beautiful work.

Sooooo..... in order to fill the gaping white walls with something wonderful and energetic and fun... I'm just going to paint on them.  It's not like I can't sand it down and paint over if I mess up or get bored.  That's the best part :)  It's just like a canvas.

Here are some samples from le pre de l'eau - I believe these come in a variety of colours, too.  I had a terribly hard time deciding which to share.  Can you tell??

How unbelievably cute is that?? It's says (roughly translated) 
"Zone of Protection Against Monsters Under the Bed"

Tortoise and the Hare :)  I can't read all of it nor do I know what the rest means
... it says something about running (obviously).

This guy makes me laugh.  I could use this above my computer.

This is the one that triggered something for me.

"Jump from a bridge of stars and dive into dreams."

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