Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Progress & SFB (Super Fun Blog)

Wow, we've reached 30 followers - so very exciting!  Our twitter account is also growing and slowly other blogs are picking up on our awesomeness and adding white collar | green soul to their blogrolls.  That sort of support is hugely appreciated and does wonders for our traffic.

I know I've been quiet - but there are exciting things to come.  We'll be moving over into a different domain soon and a completely redesigned site!

The image above is from a fantastic and extremely inspiring, exciting, entertaining (etc!) blog called Design Love Fest by the super fun Bri Emery.  The tag line for the blog is "Where type and images totally make out"  Seriously.... best tag ever.  Go check out her blog!  Also, someone be a dear, go to Knock Knock and buy me the above product so I make it through the day.  (I'm not even aiming for the week.. just the day).

1 comment:

  1. Make that 31 new followers ... Love your blog, can't wait to see your fab new redesign :)


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