Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Progress and Bunnies

Hello there! Anyone still around? I feel like I haven't done a 'proper' post in so long that everyone has gotten bored and left! Well, hopefully, some progress photos and adorable bunnies will have you running back.

After 'one of those weeks' last week, I was expecting something to go very wrong with our friday sofa delivery. You know those weeks.... the weeks where you're just waiting for it to end because you're worried that there is still time for something else to go wrong? Anyway, thankfully, the sofa arrived safely and all that happened was I didn't have the proper change and had the pay the delivery guys an extra five bucks. I think I can live with that.

We had spent last week trying desperately to make some room for said couch because just a few weeks ago and up until recently, after our final 'stuff delivery' from Hubs' Mom's basement/garage, our living room looked something like this: (and by 'something like' I mean 'exactly like')

Terrifying, isn't it???  Can you see our desperate (and clearly futile) attempt at instilling order?  Those five colourful images framed by the dining room door.  They look ridiculous now that I seem them in this context but at the time, they were the only thing keeping me sane.

Slowly but surely the living room becamse livable once again.  After a few carloads of donations, a few of recyclables and garbage (have I seriously been carting around old grocery flyers for three years?) and quite a lot of trips down to the basement, the living room looks like this.....


Behold the most wonderfully comfy chaise I could have ever asked for!  From EQ3 and made in Canada!

And the new and long-awaited for sofa by Lind - also made in Canada!  
Doesn't the coffee table look great in front of it?

As you can see, there is still a lot to do - that's why we call them progress shots!  For example, there is about 6 feet by 12 feet of empty white space above the sofa, which I now have to figure out what to do with.   Oh and remember my post about saying 'No' to beige?? Well, if you haven't noticed, besides the bookshelf my living room is VERY neutral - isn't irony wonderful?  In my search to create a wonderfully colourful and warm space, I have ended up with a neutral, white one.  We're slowly working in bits and pieces of colour here and there, but it's going to be a little bit before the whole space comes together.  But the progress is encouraging.

And I promised bunnies, didn't I?  Well,  I wouldn't want to disappoint!

Georgia and Doyle.




  1. Looking good girl! Remember what I said about art, pillows and rugs? The colour will come. It's progress that you can now distinguish the room as a living room. Celebrate the small victories!

    And the bunnies... ugh, the bunnies. A tortuously furry animal.

  2. 1. why can we only see one side of the room? you didn't take pictures of the office side?
    2. the table looks great. i'm amazing.
    3. awwww doyle!!
    4. you should put the coral somewhere. it'll add colour!
    5. that pillow matches really well. so random.

  3. Looks great, it feels so good to get rid of stuff doesn't it? We just had a yard sale and sold a bunch of stuff but there is still more. It is never ending!

    The bunnies are soooo cute!

  4. Little sis,
    Love this blog. Thank you for keeping us all informed on such important home decor/reno/design/decorating tips. I particularly appreciate your research on Canadian-made furniture.

    I don't know if you're aware of these two places, but they make some pretty great furniture. Akroyd Furniture is particularly interesting in their use of fallen trees, etc. Akroyd Commute Home

  5. Anna
    1) the other side of the room is still slightly disastrous
    2) yes it does!
    3) he's huge. seriously - what's wrong with him?
    4) I know! I'm so happy it fits in! The One aAleks made me is on the chaise and looks pretty good too.

  6. Sandra! Thanks for the visit!
    I will definitely check those out! I think I'll do an entire post on Canadian-made furniture - so I'll do a little research on a few companies. They're out there - they're just harder to find - and slightly more expensive, but so very well worth it in the end.


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