Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving (And Light Fixtures)!

It was Thanksgiving for us in Canada this weekend and traditionally, since we got married and our two families started spending holidays together, it has become mine and Hubs' holiday to host.

Even though the house is nowhere near finished, it is an acceptable space to entertain. Our dining room still needs some paint touch-ups, a vent cover and a few outlet covers, but it's looking pretty good. Oh and a light fixture. I would definitely like a nicer light fixture, but about that in just a second.

Here are some shots of the dining room this weekend.

I love the pop of 'pink' (or whatever colour it is) coming in from the living room!

 There is still quite a bit to do in this room including painting the chairs white and getting some fun cushions.  We are also thinking of painting the hutch white (good idea?) and replacing the hardware.

Our very simple, but pretty centre piece.

 So you may have noticed the rather unfotunate light fixture.  If not, here's a closer peak:

Not loving it.

I have been looking at some chandeliers that might look nice in our space - especially against the dark blue walls.  The door to the dining room from the kitchen will frame it really nicely, so I'd like it to be something worth looking at.  A little wow-factor is definitely required.

The first one I really liked that I saw was the Maskros light from Ikea:

How great is that?  And how amazing would that look against the dark blue walls.  However, and this is a big however, how on earth do you DUST that??? All the little dandelion ends are made of paper, so it's probably not too durable...and depending on humidity and what not, they would probably wilt.  That just won't work.

Next, I saw this AMAZING one called' Dram' from Canadian designer Propellor Design:

Love it!  For our space the colour combination wouldn't really work, but moreso the $6,500 price tag... ouch.  

On a more optimistic note, it's made out of vintage glasses, so Hubs and I were thinking that we could probably make something similar that would be in our price range and it would be the right colour.  We were thinking of clear and frosted glasses that we could get from various vintage stores, and then drilling through the bottom with a diamond bit.  Considering how many other slightly more pressing issues we have at the house right now, it would be years till we will probably get around to doing this.

Recently, a friend pointed me to West Elm (how have I never gone here??)  I found a few fixtures that are.... ready for it... ? Less than $300.  Seriously.  For a unique and beautiful light fixture?? Where do I sign?? 

[Note, these products are not necessarily locally made, but read their policies - there are some interesting aspects of using quickly renewable materials, non-toxic dyes and pesticide-free cotton, as well as working with co-ops in India to ensure that the livelihoods of the artisans are protected].

Here are a few of my favourites:

 I love the simplicity of this Cluster Pendant [West Elm] and it's only $199, though I don't think it would have as much 'umph' in our space.  I think it would get lost.

Well, hello beautiful!  This baby is four feet tall!  Ugh, I love it!  I'm still not sure how on earth you would dust it, but for this much wow-factor at this price ($260!) how can you go wrong?

Sexy close up.
[Long Haning Capiz Pendant, West Elm]

Here is the Large Rectangle Hanging Capiz Pendant, also from West Elm.
I'm not sure which I like best, what do you guys think?? 
(Props to Photoshop for its amazingness despite my lack of refined skills!)

I think the long hanging one is my favourite - it's just so much more dramatic!  Hubs is slightly concerned about its length, so we'd have to see if it will fit properly in the space.

Also, seeing as our jars don't have a category for 'light fixture' we'll have to save up for it for the next few months and hopefully get one soon.  Eeeee! Exciting. (Yes, we totally use Gail Vaz-Oxlade's money jar idea and the system is awesome! For my American friends, if you don't know about Gail, just message me, I'd be happy to catch you up!)


  1. Those framed prints around the doorway are very cool--who is the artist?

  2. BThanks, Margaret! Believe it or not, they are from Ikea! $5 for the bunch! (minus the frames).

  3. Your photoshop skills are way better than mine. I love your choices. I'm sure that you'll chose the perfect one.

  4. i like the rectangular one. it matches the shape of the room and table better... and less dusting i think

  5. Your place looks so lovely, very welcoming. I love how you've tried each piece on for size with Photoshop, very creative. ;)

    Michelle ~ ;)

  6. I love your dining room colors, it looks so sophisticated! I also love your fall centerpiece.

    As far as lighting goes, I love the Ikea one, I just saw it there. But, you are right, it might not hold up to well. I also love the West Elm cluster pendant b/c it reminds me of the PB Edison chandelier we have in our dining room. But, again, agree with you that it might get lost.

    Of the two you photoshopped I like the first one best. They are both gorgeous but I think the rectangular one works best with the room and the table.

  7. Colonial Brick... I do not have pink on my walls! :|

    I'm still up for the first one. But ideally I would love to get our idea into motion with the vintage frosted and blue glasses... maybe we should go to goodwill and home hardware and get all the materials in one shot? I think the main problem with projects like that is they end up getting put down because there is a halt in the process (usually materials). But if we have them, we could probably finish it in a few days...

    Something to think about!

  8. I love the dandelion one, but you have a point about the dusting and durability. Sigh. Why do we have to be so practical? In that case, go with the rectangular one.

    Also, where oh where did you get your table?


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